when She rises
when She rises
when She rises

when She rises

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Poetry book by Marzena Pressence 

"An evolutionary voice for women's empowerment, Marzena has crafted a book of poems to connect you to the quiet, healing places within.

You'll find yourself reading her pieces again and again, for comfort as well as new awareness, skilfulness and vision."

- Elena Brower, bestselling author of Softening time, Practice You, Being You and Art of Attention

In Marzena's words:
For far too long women have been disconnected from their true essence, living in a paradigm built on fear, competition and scarcity. The time has come to remove the veils of forgetfulness, heal the wounds of feminine oppression, trust our inner knowing, access the infinite potential and reclaim our innate powers to create life in tune with the natural rhythms that bring deep nourishment, love and abundance for ourselves, our families, communities and the world at large. When She rises, we all rise. I am She. She is you. We are Her. Women on the rise to bring peace and harmony back into the Earth.

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Marzena Skowronska is a poetess behind the pen name Marzena Pressence. Pressence is a wordplay that honours the origin and process of Marzena’s poetic writing. It is in the state of presence when Marzena is able to feel, hear and capture her essence’s voice.

Marzena is a modern day woman for whom stepping into motherhood cracked her open into new depths of awareness, as well as became an initiation to walk the path towards embodying Feminine Wholeness.

Marzena is a Women’s Embodiment Psychotherapy Coach (WEPC), Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. Marzena holds a Master of Business Engineering degree and has worked in sourcing in Europe and Australia before becoming a mum. In the process of self inquiry and inner healing Marzena has found herself opening into unexpected creative power manifested through intuitive poetry.

Marzena’s mission is to serve as an inspiration for women to step into the embodiment of the Feminine Wholeness that is their true nature and use Her potential to consciously create a meaningful, abundant and fulfilling life. In her work as a WEPC it is through the co-regulation with Marzena’s pressence that women have the opportunity to connect with their essence and release that what is not it and prevents them from living in alignment with who they are at a Soul level, i.e. trauma, limiting beliefs and conditioning. when She rises is Marzena’s first book.

Poems Marzena wrote for each of the 7 main chakras are published in Salvatore Battaglia’s book “Aromatherapy and Chakras”.

To learn more about Marzena and her offerings visit her instagram.